"An unexamined life is not worth living."
by Socrates

Sunday, August 1, 2010

She pointed behind me..."There are men following you!"

Something strange happened last night!

It was just starting to get dark as I walked into Safeway to get some groceries. I scrolled down to the bread section mulling over which loaf of bread to get when suddenly a woman, in her 30s, walked up in front of me, her mouth rambling a mile a minute, her eyes looking worried, until I pointed to my ears signifying I'm Deaf.

Her facial expression altered into one of an, ah, no wonder I couldn't get your attention look combined with a genuine concern as she pointed behind me and articulated as vividly as she feasibly could, "There are men following you!"

Paranoid, I looked behind me, down every isle - the coffee isle; the soup isle; and the cereal isle, but didn't see anyone. I didn't know what to reply, except express my gratitude to her for her willingness to inform me - she feasibly saved my life!

Though I have to be more alert than the average person, it's nice to know that there are hearing people that are willing to help another person, whom isn't aware that she is being followed.

However, the question remains at the end of the day, who are these men, and why were they following me in the grocery store?

Overall, this experience has taught me all the more to be extra cautious!

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  1. Wow! I know the area you are talking about and I used to live there. Lots of weird things happened to me. Yes, always be cautious.

    So excited to see you blogging!